A passion for delicious food

Publicerad den 29 January, 2020

Always service with a smile and always food prepared so lovingly that it’s practically overflowing. Annika Melkersson and Victor Nilsson’s concept has become a huge success. And the recipe for success? Teamwork!

Annika and Victor met ten years ago. They took a liking to each other, and the rest is history. Today the couple run two restaurants in Oskarshamn, and daughter Greta is always by their side.

“She grew up in a restaurant kitchen,” says mum Annika lovingly.

When Victor was running a restaurant in Åre, he came home to Oskarshamn to visit for a few days. Annika seized the opportunity and together they ended up getting a flat up north.

“It was best to take the opportunity while he was home for a bit,” recalls Annika, laughing.

After Åre it was Norrtälje for just over a year, and then the couple, together with new arrival Greta, returned to Oskarshamn in 2012.

“Word had got round that we were on our way home, and almost immediately we were offered the chance to run a golf restaurant in Skorpetorp,” says Victor.

The restaurant was given the name Torpet, and for three years the couple worked around-the-clock to establish themselves on their home turf.


“We knew fairly early on that if we were to focus on the restaurant industry, we would need to live in Oskarshamn,” says Annika. All our friends and relatives are here, and everyone has given us a huge amount of support as babysitters for Greta. And we really love living back at home again.”

After three years at Torpet, the Nilsson/Melkersson couple expanded their business by buying Steakhouse, which is in the little square in Oskarshamn. The restaurant changed its name to Torget Kök & Bar, and is now the heart of their business.

“Torget is an á la carte restaurant offering quality food and wine in the city centre,” explains Victor, who is head chef. “The idea behind Torget is for guests to be able to come here and relax. It shouldn’t feel stilted or formal.”

He is supported by Annika, who is responsible for most of the paperwork, decor and service. Although the couple are keen to point out that they do most things together.

“We think along the same lines and share the same approach to food and drink,” says Annika.


Three years after establishing Torget Kök & Bar, it was once again time to expand. Torpet’s time had come to an end, and the new place was called Verandan, right across from Torget.

“We have a slightly simpler menu here, and a deli where we sell various tasty treats,” says Annika.

Verandan serves daily lunches and is also great for parties to book.

How about Greta then? Well she’s still involved and enjoying being in the kitchen even more now that she’s big enough to help out properly.

“She’s an integral part of the business,” explains Victor. “We let her get involved in the kitchen and in discussions about the business. This is our business, not just mum and dad’s job.”

Greta has also made her mark on Verandan: Greta’s cake, which sells…well…like hotcakes! Don’t miss it!

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